My Classes

Course Overview

Instruction is one-on-one and will be geared to your goals and aptitude.

  • Phase 1 will cover electric, bass and acoustic setups.
  • Phase 2 will concentrate on building bone nuts & saddles and repair work.
  • Phase 3 will cover guitar electronics & wiring.
  • Phases 5 will concentrate on fretwork – level, crown & polish.
  • Phase 5 will be given over to honing your setup & repair skills and comprehensive course review. We will also get into what’s involved in running your own shop, the do’s and don’ts of repairing instruments and lutherie/guitar tech tradecraft.

 Each  phase consists of 5 one-hour sessions. Completing the course will earn you a Journeyman Luthier/Guitar Tech certificate. I will also and help you develop your business plan and set up your shop. Contact me now if you’re ready to get started!

Most students attend classes once a week. I teach mornings 7 days a week so scheduling is very flexible.

Several students have come to my school in Mechanicville, NY from other states and taken an accelerated, 2 week course. Please use the contact page to enquire about pricing, content and scheduling to suit your availability.

Click here for a list of recommended tools for my course at the StewMac website.

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