“I was an enthusiast guitar lover and hobby guitar player, but I didn’t know much about guitar making and repair. DJ’s Guitar Repair program opened a new world for me and laid a strong foundation for my progress to open my own workshop in the future.

DJ is a very skilled and experienced luthier, his workshop repaired all kind of stringed instruments. He is also an excellent teacher, patient and caring. His explanations are clear and and straight to the point. Beyond all the basics of electric and acoustic guitar setup, the most common repairs and modifications I was able to participate in some rather unusual modifications and repairs as his apprentice.

I highly recommend his classes to all enthusiast guitar lovers wanting to take a good care of their instruments, making maintenance, repair and modding on them, as well to all people planning to start their own luthier workshop.”

~ Ivan Imhof – April 2015

“I spent the beginning of 2019 taking DJ’s guitar repair school and can’t express how much I enjoyed and got out of the classes. Not everyone that “can do”, can also teach, and DJ has that rare ability to do both.

I highly recommend this course for anybody that is looking to be able to work on their own instruments or taking it to the next level and opening up their own repair business, you won’t regret it.”

~ Kevin Walsh – June 2019

“If you are considering a career as a luthier, or want to learn how to take care of your own instrument collection, I highly recommend DJ’s Guitar Repair program.  DJ is a knowledgeable and patient instructor, with a profound knowledge of both Acoustic and Electric instruments.  As a working shop, your lessons will be complemented with examples of common (and fascinating “not so common”) repairs that DJ himself faces on a weekly basis.  As importantly for those considering a career change, DJ offers helpful advice on tradecraft, and how to operate your business with the highest of ethical standards.”  

~Kirby Francis – November 2017

Francis Guitar Repair

“I have known DJ for awhile now, taking my guitars to him for various repairs and maintenance, but I started his course a few months ago and absolutely love it! It’s so great to learn to do this myself, the right way, from someone with so much experience.”

~ Jay Kustka

“DJ’s guitar repair course is top notch. Since my objective was to have my own shop, I researched as many schools as I could before deciding on the Parsons school. Since I’ve graduated I’ve opened my own guitar repair business, and I could’t be happier. DJ not only teaches the technique and know-how to repair guitars, but he also shares real world examples when dealing with customers, and the day to day experience of running a successful shop.”

~ Gary Taft ~ June 2019

Tafty’s Home For Wayward Guitars

“I will “+1” everything Kirby Francis mentioned in his five star review of DJ Parsons Repair School – it was my experience too in going through the curriculum.

DJ is willing to share his wealth of knowledge about acoustic and electric stringed instruments, as well as his experiences in dealing with both customers and suppliers. His recommendations on which tools to acquire to do a specific job can save you time and money.

DJ’s course is a great way to start your career off if that is your goal. Make sure to check out his list of covered subjects.  

 I would rank DJ’s presentation and teaching style right up there with any of them. His little tips and tricks given in a shop setting where you try and apply them immediately is an excellent way to learn to do things the right way.

DJ is also a great person to talk about guitars. His love of the instrument shines through and I thoroughly enjoyed our conversations. 

Summation: Parsons Repair School offers a good deal on many different levels. Highly recommended.”

~ Mark Dmohowski-June 2019

“Some students who complete DJ’s course pursue the lutherie craft professionally (I follow a couple on IG) although many, myself included, undertake the course for non career reasons. Students are invariably earnest players (including some professional musicians) that want to learn to control the stability, tonal quality and playability of their instruments. I learned/completed comprehensive instrument set up, wiring, bone nut/bridge fabrication/installation, fret replacement, acoustic pickup installation and electric guitar assembly. My two acoustic guitars now have custom bone nuts/bridges and high quality dual-pickup systems. They have never sounded or played better. I can now gig confidently with my LP Studio (w/ a new bone nut and other upgrades) which was formerly used only as a rehearsal/backup instrument due to tuning instability. DJ’s course has given me a newfound appreciation for guitar construction and sound generation (from instrument through modulation and amplification). I can now maintain my own instruments to high standards of reliability. After DJ’s course, I’m having more fun playing my guitars and I’m a better bandmate having more reliable and stable instruments.”

~ Jay Bergeron – November 2019

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